In Defense of Writing Online

Edit: Original title – “And so it begins.”

[Gompieno ke Mosupologo 7 Motseganang 2012]

I still insist that “blog” is a terrible word that sounds more like an abbreviation for blowing a log (however you want to interpret that) than for web log, but I finally broke down (mentally) and made one. I’ve been writing all types of nonsense in a journal since I was a wee lass and I figure there’s gotta be someone out there that would get a kick out of me spewing the dirty dark bits of my brain out for public consumption. So to any random crazies and weirdos who happen to discover this message: ello mates! And for any friends or family who actually (think you) know me, thank you for being generous enough to waste your precious time on my bullshit and please feel free to humiliate me the next time we talk by bringing this up.

I usually cringe at the idea of showing others my writing, but I decided to woman up (yes, I’m the douchebag that says this instead of man up) and try it out. I don’t know how to add links and pictures and whatnot yet because I am the kind of technologically challenged 22 year old senior citizen who neither owns nor knows how to operate a smart phone. And I’m way too lazy and sleep deprived to feel like experimenting with all that right now, and Lawd knows how much I typically love experimenting.

[Edit: I’m starting to learn, but maybe she could teach me how WordPress works?]

Let’s be honest, I’m a human being and as such I am also a narcissistic attention whore at heart, it’s pretty much a package deal. So please allow me to continue deluding myself into think I am entertaining and eccentric rather than annoying and creepy. I (attempt to) write all kinds of humorous/inspirational/educational/autobiographical rants that I will eventually put up for those of you who need yet another site to waste your life away on. I spend so much time consuming words; it’s about time I produce some. I have been so quiet for so long that I never realized how much I have to say. In the past year or so I have survived reaching the legal drinking age en los Estados Unidos, spent an unbelievably fun four months in Botswana, almost lost my dear mamita to a severe stroke (she’s doing much better now) and grown a little wiser and less concerned with how people judge me.

[Botswana: Not in South Africa. Or South America.]

Sometimes I am actually an adult and sometimes I am still a child so expect to hear from both: the mature and the immature, the smart and the stupid, the boisterous extravert and the solitary introvert, the optimist and the pessimist, the joker and the debater, the lover and the fighter and anyone else who might be waiting inside me. I swear I don’t have multiple personality disorder (though I do go by numerous names), just don’t expect too much consistency from me. I can’t afford psychotherapy so allow me to work out some of my insanity with my words and in return I welcome any requests or recommendations, any criticism, compliments or curiosities. Or if no one ends up finding there way to this page, at least this stuff’s not stuck stewing in my skull.

To be continued. It’s nap time for me.

Sala sentle / Stay well


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