In Defense of Attention Whores

Edit: Original title – “The most modest motherfucker you’ll meet – that’s me!”

[Gompieno ke Labotlhano 11 Motseganang 2012]

Modesty is overrated. Not that it is rated all too highly by anyone I personally know. It is necessary to act modest at times, but I prefer to live by the motto, “If you got it, flaunt it.” Your appearance, your style, your interests, your passions, your talents, your eccentricities – flaunt them all. According to certain religions, pride is a sin. Under my own personal branch of philosophy it is lack of pride that is the sin. We live in a crazy, complex & competitive world and you gotta take pride in every little thing you do if you want to survive.

Stop holding yourself back & show your shit off. Someone will be annoyed/weirded out/offended by every little thing you do. It is inevitable & once you accept that, life becomes so much simpler. You will be rejected, you will be derided, you will be insulted to your face and behind your back. This is no reason to lose pride. Mean people suck so kill them with kindness. The more of an asshole someone is to you, the more you should aim to murder the shit out of them with niceness. Kindness is contagious so infect someone today.

Delusions of grandeur are said to be a symptom of many mental disorders. But no one is truly mentally ordered so have these delusions anyway – then do everything in your power to make those delusions realities.

If, like myself, you identify as a member of the LGBT(IQQAXYZ…) community, you get a whole parade thrown in your honor to celebrate your pride. And no one’s gonna accuse the blinged out drag queens & half-naked (actually 90% naked) bodybuilders at those parades of modesty. Don’t you want to be comfortable enough in your own skin to be like those dudes/ladies?

[Let’s take a moment of silence for the flock of glitter-blooded rainbow peacocks that are apparently massacred at Denver Pridefest each year.]

You are a damn cool person in your own way & you have every right to draw attention to that fact. There are 7 billion+ people spinnin’ around on this globe with you right now & you have to find a way to stand out. Never fit in. The more out of place you are, the better. It would be unbelievably boring for us all to be the same. Kick out conformity and crush your comfort zone.

Pride leads to confidence & when you gain confidence in one area it expands exponentially until you can gain confidence & learn to excel in every area. Aspire to be a Renaissance (Wo)Man, a polymath, an expert in everything. Stringent specialization is often necessary for career purposes in this modern global community, but that does not stop you from learning everything there is to learn through self-study. Find time to try something new, learn something new, be something new every day. It could take hours or it could take less than a minute; it’s up to you to make it happen.

Not a day goes by that I am not accused of/complimented on being a fantastic weirdo/nerd/crazy person. I love it – especially when the person is trying to get a rise out of me & instead it just makes me smile even bigger.

[Mi amor & the Ultimate Fantastic Weirdo]

Perhaps you are modest because you believe you have no skills to take pride in. You do. You may not have discovered them yet, but every person is capable in one way or another, just as every person is deficient in one way or another. Keep in mind: bad grades or low test scores do not mean you are not smart, lack of a significant other does not imply that you are not beautiful/interesting/worthy of affection, unemployment & underemployment do not mean that you can’t still work to change the world in your own time, on your own terms.

There’s so much more I have to say on this subject & I am proud of the fact that I cannot shut up lately. I like to consider myself a writer, but there are periods where I will go months without writing a single piece so that ideas & insights pool together in my subconscious to the point where they must ultimately burst through in a deluge of poems, essays & short stories. I wasted too many years of my youth being shy and scared of what people thought. Now I need to make up for lost time.

People can change, no matter who tells you otherwise. Up your pride & you can steer that change in a positive direction. Human beings are just animals with big brains that form language & culture. In order to compete/survive/reproduce/evolve we had to become narcissistic attention whores by nature. The Beatles & Kanye West pissed off a lot of people by comparing themselves to Jesus Christ. But that kind of pride is what makes you work that hard & get that rich/famous. Modesty creates inhibitions causes fear leads to a boring, unaccomplished life.

[Pictured: Some pretty weird musical dudes. I gotta get a jacket like that…]

Stop lying to yourself & admit that you’re fucking awesome. You’ll never rock that job interview, get a date with that sexy girl or persuade anyone to support your causes if you try and hide your greatness.

So tell me: Do you consider yourself a modest person? Can you admit that you are & still be so? If you disagree with my take on this trait, tell me why I’m wrong. I can handle your criticism & contradictions because I’m a badass bitch & I know it!

Sala Sentle / Stay Well


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