To No One & Everyone: A Nerdy Love Poem

A Unique Unity

[“Electric Lovestorm” – crappy cell phone pic. Higher quality scan to come.]


You are the logic to my emotion

The rationality to my insanity

The cool the fuck down to my freak the fuck out

The wait & debate to my act & react


The calm to my storm

The belief to my disbelief

The sensibility to my idealism

The science to my art


The reality to my fantasy


Our common interests unite us

Our different habits combine us

We are opposites

We are the same


You are the cons to my pros & the pros to my cons

You are the negative charge to my positive charge

& the positive charge to my negative charge

You are the downs to my ups & the ups to my downs

The unipolar to my bipolar


The monosexual to my bisexual

The early morning rise to my late night fight

The adenine to my thymine

& the cytosine to my guanine


The E to my I, the S to my N

the T to my F, the J to my P

is your personality


We balance each other

like yin and yang

like the scales of divine judgment

like a beautifully complex equation

like a modern translation of an ancient text


My atoms want to bond with your atoms

My molecules are attracted to your molecules

My cells want to reproduce with your cells

My mass gravitates toward your mass


My body loves your body

My mind loves your mind


You are the stimulant to my depressant

The sedative to my hallucinogen

The dark skin to my light

The narrow gaze to my wide glance

The sweet to my sour

The summer to my winter


You are bad when I am good


You sit & watch TV while I run & watch the river

You drive your car while I ride my bike

You eat your beef while I eat my beans

You shotgun PBR while I sip green tea

You suck smoke while I asthmatically avoid


You are good when I am bad


You wait patiently while I pace anxiously

You study while I sleep

You teach while I learn

You laugh while I bitch

You give while I take


You are one when I am the other

You act male when I act female

You are feminine when I am masculine


You burn hot when I stay cold

I let my mind wander when you stay focused

You are passionate when I am apathetic

I am empathetic when you are sympathetic


Optimistic when I am pessimistic

Trusting when you are cynical

Knowledgeable when I am ignorant

Fast when you are slow


Open when I am guarded

Outgoing when you are reserved

You maintain your secrets when I overshare my details

I keep on blabbering when you know when to shut up


You are healthy when I am sick

I am weak when you are strong

You are polite when I am rude

I am tame when you are wild


You are right when I am wrong

I am left when you are right

You follow when I lead

I create when you destroy


I am devout when you are divine


Your quiet words are loud

Your ecstatic shouts are passionate whispers


Alone, I may be nothing

Separate, you may be something

Together we are anything

Together we are everything


To me, your ugliness is gorgeous

To me, your stupidity is genius

To me, your every flaw is perfection

To me.



[I wrote the original version of this a while ago. It started as wedding vows in a short fiction story about a couple with nothing in common who get married very young (which ends disastrously for them as individuals, but makes the world better in the process). So if you know me: this wasn’t written with you in mind, lo siento. It’s all just hypothetical. And no, I don’t actually want my cells to reproduce with anyone else’s. Yuck. Pregnancy & cancer have a lot in common…? Just kidding. But seriously.

I owe my ability to write this to the Liberal Arts Core program at UNC.]

P.S. This is all hilarious if you have the Speech feature in your computer read it to you in its old-fashioned robot voice. The creepy default voice on my laptop is named Vicki… My favorite part is how she says, “Low sy-ainto,” because she doesn’t know it’s Spanish.

P.P.S. Spell check hates poetry!

/// “Mind, body, heart & soul ~ Sex, drugs & rock n roll” ///


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