Thinking vs. writing vs. talking = Mental vs. physical vs. verbal organization of words

Sometimes when I’m not talking much (i.e. the first two decades of my life) it’s because I’m thinking a.k.a. mentally writing. Other times it’s because I’m physically writing words with my hands, using a pen and paper or keys on a laptop (or markers on a piece of cardboard in my car while I’m at a red light… oops, a green light! sorry). When I am talking, I am thinking out loud. You may find yourself saying, “Oh, nothing. Just thinking out loud,” when someone overhears you talking to yourself or when the words you speak to another person are not organized in a way that makes a lot of sense. But that’s all talking ever is – thinking out loud. All writing ever is, is thinking on paper/screen. Sometimes it’s freeform thought (like this). Sometimes it’s organized (like most of my other posts).


Words & images are organized by your brain, your hands, your mouth. By nature & society. Pictures found & edited between 12:50 and 1:00 a.m.

Just a quick thought. I’ll have my computer’s voice speak it to me and then I’ll think about it some more and maybe I’ll edit/elaborate upon my writing. These are all words you’ve read before, after all. Just organizing them in a new way in my mind, my mouth, my hands before I send them out to the world of intertubes.

There are plenty of other ways I could organize these words to convey the same message, but this is the order I have chosen.

[Written between 12:40 and 12:50 a.m. on a Sunday night in June. I’m not actually at a traffic light, but on a couch in a hot apartment.] Mountain Standard Time


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