In Defense of Dads

Obviously I don’t really need to defend dads. Everyone has at least one; most of us love them. But because of the ones who abandon their families or don’t show their love as much as they should, fathers are almost second class parents behind mothers. What the hell, society? You think women are in charge of the family & men are in charge of the money? Anyone can be in charge of either or both. Together. Separate. However they want. Just because your family doesn’t work that way doesn’t mean it can’t or that anyone else’s family can’t. We’re all weird, dysfunctional families to some extent. So happy father’s day to every human reading this, whether you’re a father or not. Whether you know & get along with your father or not. Our species is really all one big, messed up, awesome family.


A rare occurrence of me a) wearing a dress & b) not being a total shithead. Also, is that Jesus & The Bible we’re chillin with? Woah.

So to my Dad, grandads, brother & all the other dedicated dads out there: Happy Father’s Day! A lot of dads out there don’t get the credit they deserve. But if you’re a good dad & do everything you can for your kiddos, props to you! I don’t envy you, especially the ones who have to raise teenage girls who are fond of drinking yet don’t know how to avoid police-attracting parties. (*Cough, cough.*)


One of few documented sightings of an elusive father & son V. Rex in Denver.

Since about half of marriages in The U.S. of A. end in divorce right now, a lot of parents have to fight for custody. But shared custody is always preferable when both parents are willing & able to care for & love their children. Through some weird instinct it seems like children should be with their mothers more than their fathers. Get over this notion. If both parents are there & helping rather than harming, then we all need both parents. And don’t forget: we don’t necessarily need a mother & a father. Sometimes a mother & a mother, a father & a father, or a single parent & a non-parental role model can fill those roles just as well.

~ As my dad used to say (for what reason I don’t remember): Peace love dove, incense & peppermints ~


One thought on “In Defense of Dads

  1. Once I went to work on the farm with my dad. Unexpectedly, he needed to move a trtcaor a few miles down the road but had no one to drive his pick-up behind him. So he had me (age 7 at the time) get in. After a quick explanation of how a STICK SHIFT works, I assured him I was ready. Wrong! I ended up driving an extra few miles down the road until I could turn around without having to shift gears, all the while freaking out! About 3/4 of the way back, there he was on his way to find me. Needless to say, I didn’t drive alone for quite some time.

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