What’s the point of all this?

EAV: That’s me.

EV: My main initials are also used as an abbreviation for Electric Vehicles. My goal for this blog is to make it an electric vehicle of change, powered by an engine of truth. (Well, and my laptop, which requires electricity.)

Eve is the newer, sexier robot in Wall-E & Eevee is the only Pokemon that can evolve into any type. In case you’re not enough of a nerd to know these things.

Electric Love: I love so much sometimes it hurts; feels like my heart’s been hit by lightning.

[I looked up “Electric Love” later, hoping it wouldn’t bring up some weird site peddling vibrators. Instead, I found this pretty rad song/video by Dirty Vegas.]

[ ♥ Jena Malone from Donnie Darko]

What I Love: Killing stereotypes, getting myself into sketchy situations, running, reading, writing, parties, camping, concerts, road trips, philosophical Taoism, being atheist but learning about religions like Santería, talking to strangers, recycled art, street art, beer, guacamole, Spanish & Spanglish, mental/physical/holistic health, stand up comedy, vegetarianism, activism, LGBT rights & human rights in general, trying to make the world a better place by committing random acts of kindness & creativity, hearing people’s life stories, trying new things & getting others to try new things.

“Electric Lovestorm” ~ by EAV

I also love people, animals, plants, mountains, rivers, oceans, Earth, stars, the universe, to name a few of my specific favorites. I love pretty much everything except for hatred, willful ignorance & constant apathy. So I might love you, even if you’re kind of an asshole. We all are at times so tell me your brutally honest opinion of me & my writing. What is the internet for if not free speech and long distance communication? I mean, besides the videos of potbelly piglets playing with puppies and the mass quantities of exotic scatological porn.

Many of my posts will be “In Defense of…” a certain subject. Some topics need defending cuz haters gon’ hate. Some stand up just fine on their own, but are important to me & worth throwing my support for in the public ring.

You can also expect picture-based posts of neat stuff I find on my Bicycle Adventures, some Poetry & Fiction, Embarrassing Videos of my poems/rhymes/raps as well as some random stuff that will just fall under Et Cetera. I’ll usually post at least once a week. And if I miss one, it’s probably because I have several posts in the works that will come around the same time.

Hopefully you enjoy your virtual time with me, but if not GTFO & TTFN!


2 thoughts on “What’s the point of all this?

  1. Electric signals in my brain also help my neurons to communicate as I think and write. Electric signals are at work as you read this. I love reading, thinking, writing, talking so I guess I love electricity for allowing me to function.

  2. I miss the electric signals in your brain, my beloved child. Six years later. You died. I love you. – Dad

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